Child Victim Identification and Rescue Network (C.V.I.R.N.)


for Exploited chilren


those in need

The Child Victim Identification and Rescue Network (C.V.I.R.N.) is comprised of law enforcement, civilian, computer forensic experts and volunteers, who share the common goal of identifying, locating, and rescuing children who are being exploited. We use state of the art technology as well as investigative techniques to help analyze the pictures and videos of children being exploited in an effort to identify and rescue them.  

We are currently looking for dedicated people to assist with fundraising and photo analysis.

Meet Our Team

Glenn Lang (Founder)

Certified Computer Forensic Examiner

Expert in Internet Investigations

Paul McFarland

Promotions Manager

Leslie Lang (Co Founder)

Social Media Specialist

Dawn Ego

Certified Computer Forensic Examiner

Expert in Internet investigations

Under Construction

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) designates names for exploitation series.    Here are a few of the series our staff have solved or significantly helped to solve.

  • Tara -  DKNY - Alex and Josh - Tent Series -
  • Josh and Alex Series - Curley Plaid Series​

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Now working under the non profit 501 (c) 3 status of:

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The first child you help rescue will change your life forever

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What solves these cases: People willing to put in the time and life experience to help identify objects in the backgrounds of these images

cases we have helped solve.

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  ​Update 2-7-15: We are moving! We are soon to be known asThe Dauntless Project had been registered to us and we are looking for help creating the page!

​  Update - 2-4-15:  The keepingkidssafe account is now set up and we have deposited the $30,000    Next Generation grant!

​  Its amazing we now have law enforcement, attorneys, social workers, teachers, doctors and bankers  to name a few of the professionals who have joined us.